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On the 28th of February 2019 a formation of nine Panavia Tornados graced the skies over RAF Marham marking the end of an era in British military aviation. The Tornado fulfilled a major role in the RAF for 39 years and was to retire from service on 1st April 2019.
One of the nine aircraft flying that day was ZD744 092 and it was the last of the group to land, destined for an uncertain future.
Due to her extensive operational history and the fact that she has served on every front-line Tornado GR Squadron and at every front-line Tornado GR base, ZD744 was earmarked by the Tornado deactivation team, in conjunction with RAF Heritage, as an ideal candidate for preservation. In June 2019 she was carefully dismantled and put into deep storage at RAF Marham to await her future.

ZD744 first flew on 24th July 1984 and during her 35 years’ service amassed
6991:05 Flying hours    -    4091 Total Sorties     -      474 Operational Sorties

On 18th May 2022, ZD744 left RAF Marham by road for the very last time, bound for her new home at Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre. She has been reassembled by a team from the MOD Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron (JARTS) and is now on display at the museum in one of the oldest existing military hangars, built by No. 2 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps in December 1913.

PLEASE NOTE:  Initially, it will be a limited side view strictly from behind the black and yellow barrier for safety purposes but you will still get close up to the only GR4 Tornado in Scotland and it's an impressive sight.
The Museum team looks forward to introducing you to our wonderful new exhibit.

A Big Thank You To.....

The Ministry of Defence and Royal Air Force who very kindly gifted the aircraft to the museum.
The Royal Air Force Heritage Branch and Wing Commander Erica Ferguson.
The Joint Aircraft Recovery & Transport Squadron who’s professionalism and assistance were vital in assuring that this historical aircraft was delivered and rebuilt safely.

The Museum would like to thank the following local companies for their professionalism, generosity and support during the delivery and installation of our Tornado GR4. It is a great example of the wonderful community spirit that is so often displayed by local companies in the museum’s quest to expand the visitor experience and become a major tourist attraction in Angus and the North East of Scotland.

Whyte Cargo Handlers Limited, Montrose   www.whytecargo.com
Thank you, John Mullen and team for providing the enormous crane used to lift the Tornado.

Groundwater Lift Trucks, Stonehaven   https://groundwater.uk.com/
Thank you, Laura and the team for supplying the forklift truck to assist in assembling the Tornado.

EQUiPCo, Montrose     https://www.equipco.co.uk/
Thank you, for offering safe and secure compound parking for several of the extra-large delivery vehicles.

Thank you
In February 2019 the RAF staged a number of flypasts as a farewell to the iconic Tornado. The last of these was on the 28th of February when a formation of nine Tornados flew over RAF Marham and RAF Cranwell. One of those aircraft was our Tornado, ZD744 092, which can be clearly seen in the above video. It was also the last of the nine to land at RAF Marham (bottom right photo). UK MOD © Crown copyright