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Burkes Sheds 1914 & 2018

Major Burke’s Sheds – 14th January 2019

Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre has entered into a long-term agreement with Angus Council for one of the country’s oldest and historic military aviation hangers to become part the museum. In 1913 No.2 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps established the first operational military air station in Great Britain at Montrose. Their commanding officer Major Charles Burke had three large buildings built together in a group in December 1913 to protect their aircraft. They still stand there today, just as they did over 100 years ago, and are often referred to as “Major Burke’s Sheds”. These hangars are Grade A listed buildings and are likely the best surviving examples of early aircraft hangers in the UK and possibly the world.

Chairman Ron Morris said “Acquiring this hangar will not only be a great asset to us as we grow the museum it also starts the process of preserving and protecting these important and historical buildings. When you consider these hangars were built only ten years after the first powered flight by the Wright brothers this should give you an idea of the place these hangars hold in aviation history. As we continue to tell the story of the roll Montrose played in aviation history, in particular the contribution made in both the first and second world war, we expect the development of the museum will be a strong contributor to the visitor economy of Montrose in the years ahead.

This acquisition will initially allow us to start the restoration of some of our larger aircraft projects, such as the Avro Anson, which will be moved there shortly. Also, one of our main events this year will be the ‘Freedom of Angus’ given by Angus Council to No. 2 Squadron on the 12th July, when the Squadron will parade through the town and afterwards we plan to hold a reception in 1b. No. 2 Squadron left Montrose in August 1914 to fight in France, what a marvellous symbolic homecoming returning to one of their original buildings over 100 years later.”

Mr Morris added that he would also like to recognise Angus Council for working with the museum to secure this hangar and helping the museum to become a major attraction in Montrose.   To learn more about Burke's Sheds click here